Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Poker88

August 30th, 2017 | by admin |
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While poker88 maybe a very famous game and have spilled out its way amongst the younger and the older generations, there are some important things that you need to know about poker88 . Now, poker88 is a game for which you can earn a living. Yes, you can! But with all games of this sort, there are the pros and the cons too, that is, there are advantages, and there are disadvantages. Today, to enlighten you with the brighter side and the darker side of playing poker, here we present you the advantages and the disadvantages which are in accordance with poker88 .

The advantages of playing poker88

Below mentioned are some of the biggest advantages or pros that you can achieve from playing the famous game of poker88 :

  • Select your own hours of working: Exactly! When you play poker88 , there is no one to tell you or to instruct you when you have to play and what the working hours will be. It is up to you to decide when you want to play and earn your money.
  • Travel abroad: When you become a professional in playing poker88 , you will realize yourself that rather than just playing it online, you would then have the urge to take part in the offline poker88 tournaments which are held all around the world. This will not let you travel abroad and visit many countries but will also make you meet new people and get to know about them. So, in a way, it also helps you in socializing.
  • Have a good earning: For this, you need to become a professional player of poker88 if you want to be earning huge amount of money. There are also millionaires whose source of income is playing poker88. So, here you can see that you can earn may more than just a regular job without putting in any hard work but doing smart work in putting your knowledge and mind power to work in playing poker88. Also, you don’t have to slog all day long and have a mediocre life, which you would probably have if going for a normal job.


The disadvantages of playing poker88

Well, no game, especially when refers to income is perfect and thus there will be some flaws which will be left behind, which grows to the formation of disadvantages. These disadvantages of playing poker are all mentioned below:

  • No fixation of income: If you are planning to do a job, no matter how less you earn and no matter how much more you have to slog, there will be a fixed income which you will be receiving after all your work. This is eliminated in playing poker. There is no fixed income and how income is totally dependent on how big you grow or to how bottom you fall.
  • Leading a passive life: Obviously, there is no daily schedule and sequence of events which you go through when you step outside your house and go for a job if you are sort of an online poker player. Thus, your life becomes less active day by day, and finally, you end up leading a lifestyle which is passive.
  • Not everyone is a winner: There are many professional players around the world. Thus, you being a professional player won’t guarantee you all wins unless and until you play nicely and keep a constant in your game plan.

Looking at the advantages and the disadvantages, it is all about will power and determination. If you have the will power and you are determined, then nothing can touch you. Not even these disadvantages or cons of poker. Yes, they will definitely come in your life, but that is the test which you have to give and pass the test to overcome your cons and fight to earn success.